Quality is for life and cross stitch is for attraction

Mar 07, 19 Quality is for life and cross stitch is for attraction

When you look at a dress what are the things you look to choose them? First might be the quality of the cloth and second will obviously be the design. Have you ever thought to add more attraction to your dress like how the professionals try? Who is the one not fond of designs and attraction? It is possible to have the design and you can even be an expert in the process.

Use a software service

There are certain websites that can help you. It is one of the easiest processes, just download the software and you can start making a cross stitch pattern in your computer.

As the next option, you can also give your photo to the company that is working on this basis and they will turn them into cross stitch. If you take that as your option it is important to choose the photo that is high in quality, clear and makes sure your photo does not have too much of stuff in it. Choose an uncluttered photo.

Use a grid paper to make the cross stitch pattern

A grid paper will give you an option to have an accurate image; you can even make use of a graph sheet and a carbon sheet.

Take your grid sheet, place a carbon sheet on it now place your image and make an outline by tracing using a pencil. It is good to choose a simple image in the initial stage. Now fill them with appropriate colors that you wish to have. So it helps you to have your cross stitch pattern.

Use your computer for the design

As the next easy way, you can use your excel in your computer to make your own cross stitch pattern. You can use simple designs with repetitive patterns like cross border stitch pattern by making use of the grid lines in your excel sheet.

To fill colors you can use the method of negative filling, in this way the color will be filled initially and then the colors can be deleted at the particular areas and finally, the appropriate designs evolve. When you copy paste the border you can get the complete border of the image.

Since it is a very easy process you do not need to spend more time on them and need not to have trials and play with colors. This can make you feel different design filled with a number of colors.

cross stitch

Tips for the beginners

When you are a beginner you can have poor knowledge in cross stitch design. Certain tips may help you to make a cross stitch pattern.

  • Choose simple design
  • Choose the design that is your favorite to you personally
  • Do not complicate the colors that you choose
  • Choose the fabric appropriately to the design that you choose

Thus you can make your cross stitch pattern and also become a professional in them. Since they are cost efficient you can try a number of few designs and apply them.