Light up stick man costume to celebrate Halloween party

Feb 25, 19 Light up stick man costume to celebrate Halloween party

Halloween party is a type of party to celebrate the contemporary of western culture.

A Costume party and the fancy dress costumes are the highlights of the party. Halloween parties are famous to celebrate in Canada, United States, Australia, and New Zealand.

Halloween parties are celebrated by everyone in the above-mentioned countries. They held a party with the Japanese musicians over thirteen people in a group. Fear of street book refers to the fear of the sagas and ghost in the street. In 1989 the New girl was published, a several of spin-off series.

Light up stick man costume

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are celebrated with the themes, fun and creepy-cool Halloween with an effect and makeover of spookiest bash ever. There are many creative ideas for Halloween themes are getting executed in the parties as eerie Halloween wedding, Monster bash Halloween, and spooky Halloween buffet.

Decorations in the party will make a flash of scream from adults to kids. Stick man costume is the delightful surprise costume in family Halloween celebration. The Stick man costume is designed by the ideas of using technical calculations in the dress to a makeover with electricity. The costume is not only used for the Halloween it will last long for years.

Stick figure costume

Stick figure costume is based on the drawing of a person or animal composed by using few lines, dots, curves, and shapes.  The stick figures are the earliest route to writing systems by using images for words in prehistoric art.

Stick figure costume views darken in the night and the dress explores the lines in the dress by using lights and some chemical properties as neon to glow on the light. DIY stick figure costume is best costume for night scary parties and it may use on the cultural programs to attract others look.

Tips to design the stick figure costume

The stick figure lighten costumes will support for everyone is not the costliest thing to buy in the market; it takes a small time to makeover in the night. The materials required to build the costume is LED lights in a roll, toddler hoodie & Sweatpants belonging to the size of the user, wood embroidery hoop with 12V Rechargeable battery pack, with “JST” connectors and electrical tape for connections.

The power supply LED costume is the most expensive item to rechargeable. Make a stick figure costume by Gathering the Tools of soldering iron, Wire Strippers, and cutters to cut the hot glue paste and use through the hot gun by fixing the tapes on the drawn stick line.

LED strips are the major thing in the costume to make brighten and reach over the attraction. Cut the LED stripes as by the dependence of suite. Five length strips are used in the dress; the length of the cuts will vary by the user.

Build the pants and hoodie by connecting the length of the strips by power jack to supply the power on the attached lights on the costume. These tips will help to make over the costume easily by consuming less time.